IMCapture for FaceTime

Stay face-to-face with your partner even when FaceTime conversation is over!

IMCapture for FaceTime opens new boundaries for online communication. FaceTime recorder preserves the sweetest memories of FaceTime conversations. Several mouse-clicks capture FaceTime calls and save your friends and family talks as well as business conference calls in high quality. Now there is no reason to worry that you’ll miss any important detail during the FaceTiming– IMCapture for FaceTime captures FaceTime video calls for further reference.

IMCapture for FaceTime is designed to record your talks, smiles, and laughs during calls to Mac or iPhone 4 right from your Mac FaceTime. This is undoubly a breakthrough software that combines powerful call recorder and worry-free conversion for FaceTime software. This universal call recording software for Apple FaceTime becomes a truly irreplaceable software both in everyday life and at work.

IMCapture for FaceTime brings joy of creating a FaceTime video record of cherished moments of online conversations. It steps over the timeframes enabling you to turn time back and discover new details of past conversations. IMCapture for FaceTime reduces the distance between friends or lovers who live miles apart with the help of FaceTime apps. This powerful Mac call recorder will be always a benefit for journalists, office-workers, students studying on-line since it records and immediately archives the most important nuances of FaceTime video conference calls and all sorts of negotiations.

However, the wide sphere of application is one of the advantages IMCapture for FaceTime may offer. At first glance you will be pleasantly surprised to discover the intuitive and friendly interface that definitely facilitates and speed up work with calling with FaceTime.


As soon as FaceTime talk has been started IMCapture is ready to record and save it!

The recording process itself and the Record time are displayed in the initial window. Moreover, IMCapture for FaceTime enables automatic recording feature that won't let you miss an important FaceTime video call. If you don't want to record all video calls with FaceTime by default, simply uncheck this function in Preferences.

With IMCapture for FaceTime even the most demanding customers will be satisfied with the image and sound quality of recorded files. The built-in converter pops up straight after the recording process is over. IMCapture for FaceTime converter supports all popular audio and video formats. Recorded audio calls are saved MP3, WMA or AAC files and video calls as Quicktime Movies (MOV), MPEG4, PEG, VOB, PSP MPEG4, SWF and FLV. Thus you create a record of your online communication with the possibility to play files back anytime later.

The special Codec Parameters window gives you the advantage of adjusting sound and image quality manually. Advanced audio and video settings allow to adapt codec and bitrate resolution. So you may change settings at will and enjoy the excellent output quality any FaceTime call recorder could ever offer you.

IMCapture for FaceTime presents the best combination of intuitive interface, fast and flawless conversion added by enchanced output quality.

Stay face-to-face with your partner even after FaceTime session to experience unforgettable emotions again and again.

To discover unlimited functionality of IMCapture for FaceTime download its trial version today!


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