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How to install IMCapture for FaceTime?

What are the system requirements for IMCapture for FaceTime?

How can I buy the full version of IMCapture for FaceTime?

How can I register the trial version of IMCapture for FaceTime?

All buttons for recording are grey and I can not press it. Why?

How to record audio and video calls using IMCapture for FaceTime?

Can I record calls automatically?

What should I do with the file to convert it?

I want to convert my call but it allows me to convert only 4 minutes of it. Why?

How can I improve the quality of the video?

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IMCapture for Facetime is a newly-made recording software that brings you joy of saved audio and video FaceTime conversations. Two mouse-clicks launch this innovative application that allowing you to preserve the memorable memories of your FaceTime talks. Top-quality and fast conversion will color your life and enable you to experience emotions again and again. Enjoy your FaceTime calls saved and converted by the powerful call recorder IMCapture for FaceTime.

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